I finished my Suga fanart a week ago orz but my scanner is broken;; -cries-

Oh really? o: You can also take a picture :’(. 

Work in progress .

NUUUUUU~ My drawing's nowhere near as good as yours!! ; A ; but okay I'll show you and I shall ask for some advice and criticisms FIGHTING~!!

Hiiiii ! ♥ It will be a pleasure to advise you :D! 

Uwaaah~ YOUR TRADITIONAL ART IS AMAZING TOO!! I was trying to draw BTS' Suga yesterday but then my eraser made some black marks on my drawing and I couldn't erase it ASDFSGFHGDH TT^TT I had to do it all over again huhu THANK YOU~ I'LL WORK HARDER AND IMPROVE!

Ahhhh I hate that too ! One day I wanted to use my eraser but I had forgotten there was some ink on it and…. ARGH NOOOOOOOO ! I know what you feel  T_T. 
Keep going ! I want to see your drawing when it’s done and I’m sure it’ll be great! 


I was bored.

woah…the hair looks real and ofc so amazing! Great work!

dgfshgbrgejr Thank you so much ♥ 

Back to traditional art ! 

Tas envi de dessiner baekXtaeng fanart ????? Si ta envi je vais mourir pck si tu dessine ce fanart ca sera la perfection totale !!! Omggg I need to stop that ! Juste dis moi ce ke ten pense de ce couple ? ^^

Euh pour l’instant je finis mes dessins crayons, je verrai pour ce pairing plus tard x). 
Beau, je pense rien de spécial de ce groupe mais je dois dire que je préfère dessiner SeHunxTaeYeon :’).


 Block B cutest fanboy ever and his reaction is so priceless

Haha how adorable.

omg I just found your art here on Tumblr and I'm so happy you've done BtoB art!

Oh a Melodyyyy , nice to meet you !♥ I’ll do more BTOB fanart in the future ! 

Salut :) tes dessins sont vraiment magnifiques! Ca fait trop bizarre de voir un français qui fait des fanarts des exo parce que je vois normalement que des asiatiques ou autres, bref ils sont tous loins... Mais ça fait du bien de savoir qu'il y a des fans si proche de chez moi *^*

Bonsoir ! 

Merciiiiiiiiiiiii beaucoup ♥. 

Ahah c’est vrai que j’en vois pas beaucoup non plus mais bon ils doivent peut-être se cacher :’)))). -je suis asiatique aussi soit dit en passant uh-

En tout cas merci pour ton message qui m’a fait fort plaisir :D! A la prochaiiiine ! 

Do we ever get to see your face ?

You’re curious :’)  ! Someday you’ll see it :’)

Wowie i usually dont compliment people but you seem humble towards your talent so let me tell you your art is aW E S OME. yup. Im sorry if i creeped you out but i had to lol

I feel so honored ahah . Thaaaaaaanks a lot dear ♥  

Your drawings are mind-blowing! ♥️ʕ•ο•ʔ

Thank you very much ♥ ! 

Omgg!! Your kaisoo fanart is so perfect!!! Do you actually ship them?!!! And alsoo, where did that quote came from??

Thank you so much ♥. 
I don’t really x). But many of my friends do, so… I dedicate this fanart to them :’). 
The quote came from my mind :’) !